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You will be aware of the pressure on our Parish from development. While there is a need for new homes and businesses they must be in proportion to the available infrastructure: water, electricity, drainage, healthcare, schools and public transport; and, particularly in our Parish, sympathetic to the rural and Green Belt environment that we value.

Governmental planning law changes mean we can now have a greater say if we have a Neighbourhood Plan that outlines the views of our residents on the future development of our Parish.


Neighbourhood Plans give local people the opportunity to have a greater say in the kind of development they want for their community. They provide guidance on what development is appropriate for local need and where it should go. The plans can include where transport infrastructure, community facilities and businesses are located and cover issues such as the protection of local heritage.


St Albans District Council is currently producing a Local Plan for the district which will identify areas for new housing and other development. A Neighbourhood Plan would help shape that development. The Plan would set out what local residents want to see happen in their neighbourhoods so that future development takes those wishes into account.

Where Neighbourhood Plans are adopted they sit alongside the Local Plan to form part of the overall Development Plan for the district. This is then taken into account by the District Council in its capacity as the local planning authority when making decisions on planning applications.

Sandridge Parish Council believes we should have a plan and St Albans District Council has approved our application to become a Designated Neighbourhood.


Working groups were set up in 2014 to start preparing the plans. Once prepared, the draft Neighbourhood Plan will be sent to every household in the Parish for comments, probably in 2015. The final version will then be agreed by the local groups and the Parish Council. This will be presented to St Albans District Council who will arrange for an independent review. Once reviewed, the plan will be put to a vote in a referendum. Only if the residents of the Parish give their approval through the referendum will it come into being as a legal document.