Published: 12 December 2019

The consultation on proposals for sustainable growth of the airport has one more week to run before it closes on 16th December, so there's still time to express your views.

Please take time to do this by going online or emailing:

Read the latest news fmagazine "Inform" from Luton Airport

Read the latest representation from STAQS concerning Luton Airport Flight Path Changes.

Previous Press Releases: 

February 2017 

The Civil Aviation Authority was due to commence a Post Implementation Review (PIR) of the new Luton Airport flight path (RNAV) in August 2016.  This review was postponed due to technical issues with the SID (Standard Instrument Departure) technology in some planes.  As a result those planes were not following the RNAV route.  Those issues have now been resolved and the CAA has approved the changes to the SID that resulted, there have been no changes to the RNAV route.  All planes should be using the RNAV route by February 2017.

There will be a six week period from February 2017 to August 2017 whilst data is collected by Luton Airport.  This should include data about complaints received by Luton Airport from overflown residents.

The CAA will then commence their PIR in August 2017.

St Albans Quieter Skies (STAQS) continues to campaign for a reduction in the air noise over Sandridge and North St Albans.  Sandridge Parish Council is supporting STAQS. STAQS are exploring a number of options including lobbying for an increase in the height planes fly at over the area.

November 2016:  

Read the response received from the Civil Aviation Authority by a Sandridge resident to a query on the timing of the RNAV review

October 2016:    
Read the notes and presentation from the meeting London Luton Airport (LLA) held with local communities to review the implementation of the RNAV flight path along the 26 westerly Brookmans Park (BKP) route. Residents, Town, Parish, District & County Councillors and community groups from the areas overflown attended.
Read an extract from the minutes of Sandridge Parish Council's Full Council meeting held on 12th October 2016
Read the response from the Civil Aviation Authority to Sandridge Parish Council's letter of complaint regarding the absence of a post implementation
review of RNAV' 04.10.16.                    

August 2016:      
Read St Albans District Council's press release on air traffic issues, August 2016