Published: 20 April 2020

Walking around Sandridge

With the government’s recommendation for us all to stretch our legs once a day, many of us are out exploring the beautiful Sandridge countryside. This can cause issues for our local farming community and walkers are politely reminded to observe the following;

  • Please avoid parking on narrow lanes where tractors may need to pass and in obstruction of any gates, no matter how rarely used they might appear.
  • Always be mindful of signage stating the land is private (which means there is no right of way, regardless of paths sometimes being apparent).
  • Please keep your dogs on leads and always clear up after them. Please take your litter home.
  • Please don’t allow the social distancing rules to take you from the pathway onto crops. This can cause extensive damage over days and weeks.
  • All motorised vehicles, especially motorcycles, are prohibited from both permissive and definitive rights of way.

If a member of the farming community speaks to you regarding any of these issues, please be polite, however minor you think the matter – remember, you may not be the first person they’ve had to speak to that day!  THANK YOU.